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Sponsor Responsibility

1. Fee:  Jennifer does not require a set fee. She does, however, accept payment in the form of an honorarium. All honorarium checks are to be made payable to Word of Joy and given to her at the close of the event. She asks that each sponsor be mindful and prayerful of the fact that Jennifer’s ministry is also her vocation.


2. Travel: Jennifer prefers to arrange her own travel. It is her desire to always be frugal as well as look out for the needs of her health and family. She prefers to be out of town only for the duration of the event. Unless otherwise specified, Jennifer travels alone.

Airfare   Jennifer will make her own airline reservations and should be reimbursed for the cost of her airline ticket within one week of the purchase. Jennifer will always email a receipt to the sponsor to verify the cost. All reimbursement checks are to be made payable to Word of Joy and mailed to her home address.  Please be mindful of her mileage to and from the airport as well as airport parking. (Tampa International is 120 miles round trip and parking is $18 per day.) Mileage and parking can be discussed before booking the event. Unless the event sponsor desires for her to rent a car, Jennifer is dependent on the event sponsor for transportation to and from the airport as well as to and from the event.

Driving mileage   If driving to an event is the best option, the IRS business standard for mileage reimbursement is used. Presently that standard is $.57 per mile. Roundtrip mileage can be calculated by Google Maps or MapQuest. Mileage reimbursement can be paid at the close of the event or mailed to Jennifer within one week of the close of the event. Again, all checks are made payable to Word of Joy. Jennifer does not require mileage reimbursement for events less than 30 miles from her home.

Meals   Provided by sponsor

Lodging   Provided by sponsor

Additional Expenses   If there is a possibility of any additional expenses, these expenses can be discussed before booking the event. 


3. Please provide a sound system for the event. A small podium or lectern would also be appreciated.


4. Please provide a product/book table in an appropriate place during the entire event. Please have at least one person at the product table during each break and after each session. Jennifer will provide change for those wishing to make a purchase with cash.


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